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(Film Reel)

Locca Boba Tea Ad

My team and I had the opportunity to create a promotional video for a client in our Agency class. We met with our client and discussed their wants and needs for the video seeing the project through from pre-production to post production. 

Absence of Malice

Recreation of an impactful scene from the 1981 film Absence of Malice by Sydney Pollack. Reporter, Megan Carter, investigates leads that might help her uncover the secrets of a crime case. 

Seinfeld Remake

Recreation of a scene from the TV show Seinfeld, season 4 episode 9. My team was challenged to change the mood of the original scene adding our own twist to it.


This is my first narrative short film about an overbearing boss. In this film I explore the power dynamic between a boss and his employee, to show how one might abuse their power. 

Studio Workshop

In class workshop where I crafted and executed a concept as the Director of Photography. Taking inspiration from music videos online, my team and I used studio lights, props, and a fan to capture this panoramic shot.

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