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Past. Present. Future.

Trinity Caban is a Senior at the University of Connecticut pursuing a BFA in Digital Media and Design with a concentration in Film Production. She grew up in New Haven Connecticut, where she was surrounded by a busy city life. She saw the struggle within her community and decided she wanted to create content that would bring people together, similar to the way that films have brought her own family together. Watching movies has opened her eyes to complex issues and different lifestyles, awakening her desire to learn more about people through story. In her work she typically explores relationship dynamics, showing how people might respond when faced with hard decisions. Her dream is to become a Cinematographer, a job not held by many women, but she is determined to make a change. Her studies have prepared her for success in the film industry, building her technical and teamwork skills. After college she intends to continue developing her knowledge on fiction film and television, by working on production sets and gaining hands-on experience.

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